[Interior: Yeti's apartment]
Two of the roommates are helping Yeti excitedly getting ready and select the outfit she will wear while she showers and freshens up for her match.com date with d*.

Emily: “What do you feel most comfortable in? Cause that is what you should wear.”
Yeti: “Sweatpants.” (I was being totally and completely serious here - I love sweatpants!)
Emily: “OK...maybe not THAT comfortable.”
Erika: “You should wear that grey long sleeved shirt you have - I love that one.”

Yeti agrees and the girls continue to get ready until 7:00p when Yeti must hurriedly leave the house to arrive at “The Grove” in time to meet d*.

[Interior: Yeti's car]
Yeti drives for about 30 minutes to reach “The Grove” and just as she is arriving gets a text from d*
[7.25p] d*: I am running late
[7.27p] Yeti: How late? Like a couple minutes or I should have brought a book?
Yeti doesn't get a response so she calls d around 7.40p. He does not answer his phone but she leaves a message.
“Hey d*, it's Yeti. Could you give me a call whenever you get this? Thanks!”

Now....we don't have a change of scene here for quite awhile. Yeti sits in her car. And then keeps sitting. And the sits some more. Finally she calls her friend Karla and asks how long she has to wait for this boy until she can leave. They decide 8.15p....she has 10 minutes to go.

***ring, ring, ring***
d*: Hey!
Yeti: Um...Hi.
d*: What's up.
Yeti: You tell me.
d*: Where are you?
Yeti: At the Grove!!!
d*: I am real sorry I am still stuck at the office. But I should be done in 20-30 minutes and then I will beat it over there as fast as I can.
Yeti: Yeah...I think I am going to take off.
d*: Really? Why?
Yeti: Because you said you would be here at 7.30p so I got here then and have now been sitting in my car for 45 minutes.
d*: Really? Cause I thought you sent me a text that said you were going to come at 9 [side note: Yeti did mention showing up at 9:00p in a text - it was a sarcastic comment - d* sent back a “Hahaha” reply as well as a suggestion of an 8.15p movie....but apparently that didn't mean he got it and Yeti has now learned that she cannot use sarcasm in texting…please also learn this lesson from her mistake]

To make a long story even longer.... I was stood up.

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Lindsey said...

This story is one of my favorites. And so are you.