Pick-up Lines

We all love a good pick-up line. I will admit, meeting people is difficult. Especially when you just see them in a fleeting moment on the street or across a crowded bar. But sometimes...it is better to just keep your mouth shut. Let them adore your pretty face and wonder at the mystery you might have been.
Here in LA I get better pick-up lines then anywhere else I have ever been in my life. Amazing. And by that I mean I don't know who taught these boys that this would be the best way to pick up a girl...but they need to not take advice from these people ever again. Throughout the next few blogs I would love to share with you some of my favorite pick-ups
**None of these actually worked, so if you are a guy - please do not take notes unless it is what NOT to do**

Ralph's Man--
Yeti is walking out of Ralph's – her neighborhood grocery store. She is approached by a black man with a clipboard trying to get signatures on his petition to allow the NFL to play at the Rose Bowl.

Man: "You wanna sign my petition to get the NFL here in Pasadena?"
Yeti: "Sure, I love football!"
[Yeti begins to sign the petition]
Man: "How you doing?”
Yeti: “Fine.”
Man: “How ‘bout you and me make it interracial”
Yeti: “Excuse me?”
Man: “Come on, I dare ya.”
Yeti: “Um…ok…I’ll think about it” [said as walking toward car]
Man: “Makes you nervous doesn’t it? Come on, I’ll treat ya real nice.”
Yeti: “Ok, bye bye.” [nervous laughter]

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charissa said...

is this the same guy that told you to shake it?