i think i'm attractive so you should pay me

this website is ridiculous.

i can't decide if the whole concept is offensive. or if it's just the fact that they decide to call their two categories of users "attractive" and "generous"


you think i am going to sign up on a website, make a dating profile, and then advertise that i am willing to pay some attractive man $150 to go out on a date with me? that's not generous....that's DESPERATE.

how about calling that category "eharmony, match, okcupid and plentyoffish didn't work for me...and apparently the other people on here are unemployed so they'll take my money"

being attractive has finally become a decent side job! they've found a way of making a socially acceptable escort service.

here are the rules, in case you want to join:
* DO NOT pay or ask anyone for payment prior to meeting for a date
* If someone asks you to send money by Western Union, report them immediately
* "Generous" members are expected to pay for the date (there's no going dutch here)
* Our advice: Pay 50% of the date at the start of the date, and 50% at the end
* DO NOT accept personal checks or cashier's checks - there's just too much fraud
* CASH is king, and pay only when you meet your date in person

Find out more HERE. Sign up! You've always known you were attractive...let's see how hot you REALLY are.      


lunch break

A co-worker and I walked down to a local sex shop during our lunch break. You see, his brother is getting married in just a couple weeks and he needed some fun little gifts. And, ironically (or maybe not so ironically) I knew of a shop in the area. I will blame this on one of my best friends getting married last summer, being a bridesmaid, blah blah blah. I digress.

This shop is just terrible. I can't hardly believe they are still in business or sell 95% of the merchandise they have in there. But we were able to pick up a couple of things. One being some DICE! That's right...dice. We American's really know how to spice things up in the bedroom. The package contains three die. One has body parts, one has an action, and the third has a place.

If you are lucky enough, when rolled, you could end up: stroking- toes - in the closet.