Homelessness....not so uncommon

Since I posted about going out with a homeless man, I have realized that it is not as uncommon as I once thought!

A friend of mine called me one evening after that post to say, "I realized, I accidentally went out with a homeless guy once too! We were in the middle of dinner when he said 'I should probably let you know that I currently live in my car'" WHAAAAT??!?! 

Then about a week ago I was at happy hour with some friends when the gentlemen across the table let me know that the currently lives in his car…cause it saves money! And is convenient!

Apparently this is not as uncommon as I thought. And maybe a new trend. 

The guy at happy hour said that if he met a girl that was not cool with him living in his car then he knew she was not the girl for him…but I guess I have a hard time with that. I like to think of myself as a pretty free, easy-going person - but I am not okay with someone living in their car. To me it speaks if an inability to provide, or balance a budget, or financially plan for the future. For some reason - I can't handle it. 

Am I alone in this? Am I being prude? Would you date someone who lives in their car? And, as someone pointed out to me, do you think there is a difference between a guy or a girl living in their car?