Please-date-me Card

Have you heard of these things? The "please date me" card? Friends, this is a new phenomenon for me.

I was out salsa dancing this weekend (per usual) and got into a nice conversation with one of the regulars. He has been a good buddy for quite some time now. We chatted and danced for practically the whole evening - each dance ended in him proclaiming "I just ADORE you, surely you must know that!" [blush]

Seriously, if I could bottle this guy up and take him home, I would. He is not creepy and just plain fun. A true gentleman and a joy to dance with.

Until the end of the evening. His gentleman-like manner did not go away, but he ceased being the harmless asexual dance partner and moved into prowler territory. Phrases like "you are perfect, don't change a thing" or "you are so beautiful my eyes cannot lie" or "I really like you I must be honest to my heart" started coming out. I began wondering if perhaps I had shimmied a bit TOO much out on the dance floor and brother was suddenly interpreting things differently than he had been for the past two years.

That's when he hit me with the "please date me" card.

PDM: Would you mind if I gave you my card?
Yeti: [assuming business card] Of course not.
PDM: Thank you. [shuffles through wallet and pulls out something resembling THIS (please enjoy this mock card I quickly made up on my computer - I am NOT tech savvy people)]:

: [stares].....[stares]...[blink]...[stares]
PDM: If you would call or email me my heart would be so very happy.
Yeti: Okay then. Thanks.

Seriously? A card that is just some photos of you in varying poses and different attire with your contact information at the bottom. Wow. I've gotta get me some of these!! So much better than normal business cards.


Jami said...

OMG. That is the strangest thing.

Though, my first boyfriend ever had one of those. He printed them on regular paper off his parent's printer in like... 7th or 8th grade or something.

It said:

[his name]
Italian Stallion
[his parent's phone number]

It also had little clip art silhouettes of a man and woman embracing in front of a heart.

I remembering having the same sort of response at what you're having. That is so totally weird!

Griz said...

oh dear Lord! are you serious? What are you gonna say to him the next time you see him?

EmmA...er...Pamela said...

maybe he's a model..?

Yeti said...

HAAH! Emma...i wish. I know what he does for a living - and it is nothing close to modeling. AND...just to be sure my roommates and I googled him. No luck.

JD said...

My heart would be so happy????

Yeti said...

i know, JD...pure poetry!

konigsmark said...

I hope he does not fall into the older man category. I told you, "Get out of there." I have never heard of this, but it not that much different than a business card.

Cindy said...

OMG! This experience must have been the most awkward thing ever!

Dating Without Pants said...

I probably would have just busted up laughing and said "what is this shit!" or something equally insulting.

Dash said...

that is weird. I woiuld give it back to him and say "sorry, we have no openings at the moment, I won't be needing this"

[F]oxymoron said...

Whoa, that is amazing! ... and kind of.. oddly creative

If a woman gave me a card like that, and it wasn't some porn promotional card, I'd toss it on the ground and immediately invite her to drinks.

You call the guy?

Douglas said...

Yeti, you're hilarious. Jami, you had me crying! Dating without Pants you took the words right out of my mouth.

Yeti said...

i have not called the guy...but i'll probably email him eventually.

Saturday Morning Mystic said...

Why email him? Just dance away next time you see him and ask him about the card. Might make for another interesting story.

Joel said...

This is like that mirror in sleeping beauty. No matter what stupid shit I've done, stories like this make me feel like, um, prince charming. A fucking card? What is the thought process this guy went through? I mean, he clearly spent quite a bit of time planning this card out, and then the giving of it. It's not like picking up some fucking altoids or something.

Seriously though, I feel for the guy. Did you know that men are more likely to j-walk if there are women around? That's right, we are that cool. True story.

Yeti said...

HAAH! Joel (a.k.a prince charming)...you KILL me.

the kicker is... said...

I know a certain nepali guide who had cards like that. hilarious.