So, I hide behind anonymity. I love it. I feel like I can write so much more when people don't know who I am - when this blog is not linked to my facebook or twitter feed and everyone from 10 years ago in my life can't say "you're STILL single AND you're ONLINE dating AND you go on four dates in ONE WEEK???" I just don't need to deal with that.

But a friend recently said this today: "People should have to pay $0.02 before commenting on anything on the internet and $2 if not revealing one's real name."

I can understand that. We are free to say a lot more when we can hide behind a name like "Yeti" - I don't have to be really vulnerable and it is easier not to take what people say personally because, well, they don't even know me.

But the truth is, I think about 50% of my readers actually KNOW who I am. Because I am not so good at keeping secrets. So why don't I just let you all know? I think maybe it goes back to a post a wrote in November of 2009 after discussing my blog with a co-worker who basically told me he didn't think I'd ever find a boyfriend again if they knew about this blog.

So I guess it is one of those nights I am contemplating my anonymity. Maybe I don't need it. Mabye I do.


compassion for dictators

[Kenmore has recently started working in my office. His predecessor is James. James is the most compassionate man you will EVER EVER meet. Kenmore gets those scam emails all the time, like way more than a normal person, asking you for your bank information because they have millions of dollars they want to share with you.....we discussed]

Yeti: what kind of websites do you think James was going to - or what kind of mailing lists was he signing up for that you get all of this kid of junk mail from foreign dictators asking you for money? sometimes i wonder how many arabian princesses he has actually supported financially....

Kenmore:  they are like compassion children. $30/month and you can support your own exiled african dictator

Yeti:  and watch them grow, and dictate and destroy their very own country. in a way, the rewards are so much more visible than a little child that only learns to eat and read

Kenmore:  true, these guys all know how to e-mail already - they are the future



I have just recently started watching "Brothers and Sisters" and I love it. I think it is because it is so dramatic and it makes me cry---I actually love crying. But there was a line in it as I was watching it tonight that resonated with me.

Kitty was talking with her mom about love. Her mom wanted to know what was wrong with her "fiance" and why she didn't want to REALLY marry him. Her reply:

Kitty: "The problem? It doesn't feel like you and dad. I guess they don't make them like that anymore."

And that made so much sense to me. As much trouble as I have with love, and finding a guy, and dating someone, and truly beliving that someone could be good and trustworthy enough to spend the rest of my life with....I think it all stems back to the fact that it doesn't look like what my parents have. And what they have is so incredible.

I guess they really DON'T make it like that anymore.


He's a guy

‪Dudley: It sucks cuz as you’re just getting to know him, you don’t KNOW if he's legit and honest yet.
Yeti: True. I mean, he certainly seems like a stand up guy. There is nothing to indicate otherwise.
Dudley: Other than that he's a guy.



It is a good thing boys are so easy to figure out



I will be the first to admit - I like "The Bachelor" - I know. It's a tad bit pathetic. But I love it. It might a disease, I am not sure, I am looking into it. The drama, the passion, the public displays of affection, the ROSES!

A friend of mine MISSED the episode this last Monday and had to catch up on Hulu (what a disappointment!) She decides to do so while her brother and some of his friends are hanging out playing dungeons and dragons.

We discuss such fact:

Dudley i'm going to watch the bachelor now. even though my brother's friends playing dungeons and dragons in the other room are judging me for it.
Yeti they can judge all you want. you know why? cause we deserve it. but we are still going to watch it, cause it is an addiction.

Dudley or i just like it
Yeti or....yeah...that's what i meant
Dudley: plus they are play dungeons and dragons and i don't judge them
Yeti: but you SHOULD. so...it is kind of even
Dudley but i don't. so they are stupid for judging me. my brother's most harsh friend just told me "i am neither a nerd nor a gentleman" . . . implying that he won't accept my accusation that he's a nerd (which i didn't make) and he won't be apologetic for judging me

I love nerd boys.


real life encounter

You know what is great and not awkward at all? Men from OKCupid that you’ve been matched with, tried to contact, never heard back from….and then run into.

Today at the office one of my co-workers wanted to introduce us to one of his friends who also happens to be a co-pastor of his. When he brought him over to meet us all I had a moment of “ummmm, he looks SUPER familiar,” and then it hit me – I KNOW HIM FROM ONLINE! Don’t worry, I played it off really well. I was kind and witty and aloof. No one else in that room had any idea that we were both online and I probably knew more about him than they did.

You don’t realize how small the world is until you try online dating. I am not sure if he recognized me. But if he did I am preeeeeetty sure that he is really regretting not getting back to me.


staying online

here's the thing about online dating.....it's online. i know, that sounds obvious - and it is, until you are doing it and you meet someone that you are kind of sort of somewhat interested in. you go out with them - then you go out with them again - and then pretty soon you realize that it has been a couple months and you two are still going out.

i see two problems that arise.

first - they are still online. and they are checking their online dating profile. and you're sitting at home watching your phone hoping that they will call wondering to yourself "WHY are you still checking your online profile? cause i kind of thought that things were going well between the two of us. are you keeping a backup plan? or dating several women at the same time? AM I THE BACKUP PLAN?" and you kind of drive yourself crazy trying to figure out if they like you or if they're still testing the waters or if they are, in fact, a jerk that just totes people along. and how soon is too soon to ask how much longer they intend to be online?

okay, i know what your next argument is going to be - how do i know that he is online when i, in fact, am online checking to see that he is online. i see the fault here. but let's just assume that i am perfect that any guy that still logs on MUST be in the wrong....okay?

the second problem that arises - knowledge.  when you start getting to know someone online they answer questions about themselves and fill out profiles and quizzes that let you know WAY TOO MUCH information about themselves. stuff that you probably would not find out until at least 6 months in if you were dating them normally. at times this is a bit intimidating and difficult to figure out how to handle some of these self-revelations when in a more typical context you would have a stronger connection with someone built before you needed to talk about or deal with some of these issues.

does that make sense? and the adventure continues....


Christian Singles

So, if any of you grew up in religion, particularly Christianity, you know that you should not really be single past...22. I mean, it is TECHNICALLY okay if you are - but, really, there is probably something wrong with you becase you are supposed to get married, build a life, make babies and all that other...stuff.

I am not people.

So churches find ways of reaching out to those poor people that don't have that significant other to have and to hold forever and ever amen.

Here are some of the best ad's that I have come across trying to draw you in to their SUPER EXCITING SINGLES ACTIVITIES!!!



David and Kelly are Adopting

I have some pretty cool friends that are in the process of adopting a child from South Korea. Seriously, this is a cool couple. And they are really cute!

As most of you know, adoption is something that can be REALLY expensive. So they have gone about some really cute ways to fundraise.

One of the main ways they are hoping to raise funds AND awareness about adoption and foster care, is by selling t-shirts. Check them out and see if you’d be interested in getting one!

Basically, I think it’s pretty cool that they’re adopting a baby. I think that they are a pretty rad couple – and I wanted to give them some linkage love. So check it out.

Also, when I decide to adopt a baby one day – you all better buy my t-shirts from me. They’ll most likely look something like one of these, so.....get excited.


I might be turning hipster

I love music. This past year I have been discovering a lot of it - let's face it, no use in being humble about it - I'm kiiiiinda hip now. But music is kind of like a drug, a really really healthy and good one. Once you start discovering and uncovering new bands you just have to keep going. You become dissatisfied with the mundane and listening to the same old thing over and over again (sorry country music, but you did me good for SO many years!)

So I need to know what you're listening to. Help me become even more music savvy than I already am.

Here are some of my favorite discoveries (or introductions, I can't take credit for discovering them all myself) from 2010, in no particular order.

Mumford & Sons: Please, if you don't know about them yet - you MUST live in a cave. Right? Right?
King Charles: I heart his songs, his hair and his sporadic dance moves.
Laura Marling: Her voice, I THINK, cures diseases.
James Vincent McMorrow: I believe I have listened to his "We Don't Eat" on repeat for the last three months.
Great Lake Swimmers: *sigh
Hem: Excuse me, HOW had I not heard Hem before? I apologize.
Horse Feathers: I know, I know. I am so behind. But everything they do is so amazing.
Justin Bieber: KIDDING! (that was just to get my blog more random search hits :) Although, I do kind of like is "Baby" song, I really can't lie about that)
Loch Lomond: Anything with the word LOCH in the name you know is going to be good.
Bear in Heaven: Please, their facial hair ALONE would make me love them. I got to go hear them in concert and they are even more amazing live.
The Middle East: Again, the facial hair. But....seriously....this is one of the most musically talented bands I have ever heard. So many instruments - such an intense blending of sounds. I get lost in it all.
Cadillac Sky: Brilliant!
William Fitzsimmons: I think I like musicians with beards? His lyrics are intense...kind of depressing. But they are so real, and relatable. And his voice is like a smooth scotch.
Trampled by Turtles: If their names doesn't make you want to listen to them, I can't help you!

A special thank GOD for Daytrotter. They saved me from the sure embarrassment of not knowing anything about so many bands that are glorious and amazing and salve for the ears.

So...what bands am I missing? Who are the amazing lyrical and musical geniuses I need to add to my iTunes library in 2011?



when you google my name and then press "images" more pictures of STEAK than people come up. I'm kinda really proud/happy about that.