So, I hide behind anonymity. I love it. I feel like I can write so much more when people don't know who I am - when this blog is not linked to my facebook or twitter feed and everyone from 10 years ago in my life can't say "you're STILL single AND you're ONLINE dating AND you go on four dates in ONE WEEK???" I just don't need to deal with that.

But a friend recently said this today: "People should have to pay $0.02 before commenting on anything on the internet and $2 if not revealing one's real name."

I can understand that. We are free to say a lot more when we can hide behind a name like "Yeti" - I don't have to be really vulnerable and it is easier not to take what people say personally because, well, they don't even know me.

But the truth is, I think about 50% of my readers actually KNOW who I am. Because I am not so good at keeping secrets. So why don't I just let you all know? I think maybe it goes back to a post a wrote in November of 2009 after discussing my blog with a co-worker who basically told me he didn't think I'd ever find a boyfriend again if they knew about this blog.

So I guess it is one of those nights I am contemplating my anonymity. Maybe I don't need it. Mabye I do.

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[F]oxymoron said...

I have NO idea who you are!

... but i'll continue reading as long as you write - anonymous or not. Narf!