real life encounter

You know what is great and not awkward at all? Men from OKCupid that you’ve been matched with, tried to contact, never heard back from….and then run into.

Today at the office one of my co-workers wanted to introduce us to one of his friends who also happens to be a co-pastor of his. When he brought him over to meet us all I had a moment of “ummmm, he looks SUPER familiar,” and then it hit me – I KNOW HIM FROM ONLINE! Don’t worry, I played it off really well. I was kind and witty and aloof. No one else in that room had any idea that we were both online and I probably knew more about him than they did.

You don’t realize how small the world is until you try online dating. I am not sure if he recognized me. But if he did I am preeeeeetty sure that he is really regretting not getting back to me.


Justin said...

Maybe he's blogging about it riiiiiight about now.

Yeti said...

Haah! I bet he is. But his is titled "I'm such a fool...."