please be ready....to be raptured (OR NOT!!!) on may 21st.
and call THIS GUY if you want to be responsible and not leave a mess for some other sinner to clean up.



Girlfriend: "ugh, it's not the right time of the month for me to be craving pizza with toasted mac and cheese on top!"


The Dunphy's Yo

Has anyone noticed that every single one of their friends identifies with the Dunphy's on "Modern Family"? Seriously. Every Wednesday night America sits down to laugh until their guts hurt - and afterward share their favorite quotes or scenes via twitter or facebook....and the most common thread I see are my male friends "confessing" that THEY ARE SO PHIL!! or married couples laughing about how much Phil and Clair resembled them in that evenings episode.

"Modern Family" has certainly created a show that has resonated with much of America...no matter what stage of life we are in. But where at the Cam's, Mitchell's, Gloria's and Jay's of the world? I never see them self diagnosing on the world wide web.

But, seriously, I am totally like Clair. And I really hope someday I marry Phil.


Divided by Homosexuality

A friend of mine recently posted a status update on facebook that stated, “can you have gay friends but not accept gay marriage and gay adoption rights?” I thought it was a great question; it really got me thinking in light of the conversation on homosexuality that took place at Fuller Seminary a few weeks ago.
Ultimately, truth begets action. You have to contemplate that if you say that you do not affirm gay marriage/adoption/equality, etc. and yet you believe that God is love and was an advocate of sinners, the oppressed, the vulnerable, no matter their status, orientation, ethnicity, etc. then I think you really have to ask yourself if you are living into this truth that you proclaim. Because either you have to affirm your homosexual friends – or you don’t really believe that God is unconditional love. The truth of God’s love requires the action of inclusion, embrace and affirmation.
I realize I have not written this in a way that seems very open to dialogue or the other side of the argument….but I am having a hard time seeing the other side anymore. 
Rev. Ken Fong ended the conversation on Homosexuality at Fuller Seminary by quoting a homosexual congregant of his who said, “trust that the same holy spirit that leads and guides you in your life will lead and guide me in mine.”
No matter where you stand on this issue – it is a difficult one that we must all address within our own ministry contexts. Everyone struggles with this issue – whether they are a homosexual, the parent of one, the pastor of one, the co-worker of one or friends. Be open to dialogue and encourage others around you to realize that our idea of who God is and how God relates to us determines our inclusivity – and we need to keep that in constant check.