The Dunphy's Yo

Has anyone noticed that every single one of their friends identifies with the Dunphy's on "Modern Family"? Seriously. Every Wednesday night America sits down to laugh until their guts hurt - and afterward share their favorite quotes or scenes via twitter or facebook....and the most common thread I see are my male friends "confessing" that THEY ARE SO PHIL!! or married couples laughing about how much Phil and Clair resembled them in that evenings episode.

"Modern Family" has certainly created a show that has resonated with much of America...no matter what stage of life we are in. But where at the Cam's, Mitchell's, Gloria's and Jay's of the world? I never see them self diagnosing on the world wide web.

But, seriously, I am totally like Clair. And I really hope someday I marry Phil.


Lingering Liveaboard said...

I just started watching Modern Family and I love it (even my husband does). It's so funny, and I do identify with Clair and Phil, although my hubs and I are not like them. I can identify with the marriage ups and downs. And the show is just really smart and funny :)

lizzo said...

um, yes. robert regularly says that he is phil dunphy. and then i cringe, because i have all these claire tendencies, but i so don't want to... i want to have cam tendencies... ;)

Facing Sunrise said...

The family I nanny for has a picture of the Dunphy's "milk" ad on their fridge. :) They just have a couple extra kids, but other than that, THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!