I have a gift

A friend of mine turns to me the other day and says: "do you have some sign that says 'single and desperate' that only weird guys can see or something?"

point taken.



i m bthrd whn ppl dnt spl out wrds whn txtng. Wht is the pt of mkng thm shrt hlf of the time? It wld b esier 2 writ thm out.


String me along

You know what I hate about the male species? Just when you've finally gotten to a place where you can convince yourself "he's just not that into you"...they make ONE LITTLE INTENTIONAL POINT OF CONTACT to reel you back in to confusion. And we let them do it every time.

Men...they are dumb - but they are NOT so dumb.


Getting to the point

Here was a status update from a friend of mine recently on facebook.

"Mom-to-Be" just suffered a new pregnancy humiliation: a very elderly woman behind me in line at the grocery store looked at my un-ringed, swollen left hand and asked me, point blank in front of God and everybody, if I was planning on marrying the father! Oh, yes, she did!

Gotta love the good 'ol Midwest.


Bagpipes are hot

Okay. Confession [I do this a lot]. I am taking bagpiping lessons.

Okay. Now that we are over that shock, on to a recent conversation I had:

7&7: Are you going to blog about your Scottish bigpipe instructor?

Yeti: Not unless something exciting happens

7&7: What do you mean? He taught you how to BLOW into a chanter.

Yeti: Point taken.



Okay...this ad is the SECOND denim jump suit (romper) I have seen this summer. Am I missing something? Am I supposed to own one of these?

[The first one was Jillian Harris on the bachelorette]


What happens when you get married?

People often ask me if I will keep writing this blog when I start dating someone or get married. What will happen when all the fun pick-up lines and horrible first date's go away?

I have news for you. They don't go away [well, hopefully the first dates do].

Please enjoy three tasty examples from my beautiful and married friend, Robin.

You can't get rid of the Yeti that easily...


My life is too accessible

I have been on a kick lately of scaling back how much of my life I make available to people. I deleted over 800 friends off my facebook, put a bunch of people on limited profile, went anonymous on this blog, blah blah blah. I have just been feeling like my life is too accesible and there is no need for friends or strangers to be knowing THIS MUCH about me at every moment (don't even get me STARTED on twitter...what is the point?)

At any rate. Once I had made this decision, I had a friend request come through on my facebook from a name I did not recognize. It had a message attached to it...please see photo below:

Um...this is definately a guy I was matched with on eHarmony. We had been matched for about 4 hours at the time he sent me this friend request. FREAKY! I know we all stalk people on the internet - but you DON'T ADMIT IT THAT QUICKLY.


Needless to say, I have now blurred out my tattoo so no one else can stalk me as easily...



So, there is this nice older (old) man that works for the same company I do. Not in the same department, but I see him around every few weeks or so.

He always tells these real corny jokes and laughs at himself a lot – just your typical jolly, friendly old man.

One day, I run into him in a stairwell. He stops me and this following exchange takes place:

Old: Good morning, Yeti! Say, can I ask you a question?
Yeti: Sure!
Old: Now, I’m 57 years old. You’ve gotta be…what? Mid-20’s?
Yeti: Sure. That’s about right.
Old: Wow, okay, right, that’s young. I am obviously too old for you. But let’s just SAY I were 28. If I were to ask you out, what would you say?
[Insert Dramatically Long Pause]
Yeti: Um…yeah, sure, you’re a funny guy.
Old: Awww….you make an old guy feel so good!!

WHAT do you say in that situation? I am in a lose lose here people. I can’t say NO…it is a hypothetical. What kind of crul person says no in that situation. But by saying yes, I have a somewhat creepy guy thinking “if only I were a bit younger…that girl would totally go out with me!!”