Fashion Foopa

I realize I am not a big fan of men in Speedos [I think I have only actually given the OK to one guy] but this...this just might have topped that. Jim Carey, what are you thinking? Give Jenny back her swimsuit.

Have I mentioned how much I love "Go Fug Yourself" blog? If you have never checked it out you should...the link is here or always the the right hand side of my blog under "For Your Reading Pleasure"


Olivia McCain said...

I LOVE Go Fug Yourself!

And although that swimming suit is gross, I just love the two of them together. They seem so happy and healthy! I used to think she was a floozy and a ditz but ever since she had her baby, I think she's really matured into a great lady.

Even so, they both should lose the suit.

Anonymous said...

Wow...he must be a SMALL man. How many people can share clothes with their girlfriend? Especially one as small as an actress. At least he's not wearing a mankini!!!

Olivia McCain said...

do you mean "faux pas"?

a-hahaha! that's funny. :)

charissa said...

love you :)

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love him. that's rad.

(no, i'm serious, it's me jk)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh-
did he wax for that?
if not, god, i'm hairy.