Creepy Party Guy

I went to a party a while ago where I knew no one other then the birthday girl. She is a good friend of mine and I love her to death so I really wanted to make an appearance even though I don’t generally love these kinds of situations. The party was going great until I met "The Hunter.” He was awkward and tried to make jokes and sweat a lot and would not take a hint and leave me alone. No matter where I went in the various rooms he would follow me around. I can’t say I blame him, I was looking pretty HOT! But I ended up leaving the party around 9:00p because I could not take him anymore. I had dodged giving him my number three times (!) and had him trying to go salsa dancing with me the next evening. Get a clue dude.
It is always sad when you put all this effort into getting dressed up to enjoy a party and have to leave by 9:00p because some guy won’t stop following you. Luckily Ipp met me for drinks and the whole evening did not go to waste.
Since this time I have been invited to several parties/gatherings that I notice this gentleman has also been invited to. And I just think it is a shame that every time he RSVP’s yes to a party I am pretty sure I will no longer be interested in going. I just don't think the party of a mutual friend is the place to come on so strongly. Feel it out, sure - but when she starts running away from you and making excuses like "they probably don't have any pens here" when you ask her for her number, GIVE UP!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I think even I could pick up on hints like that and I am oblivious.

danielle said...

Have you pulled the seminary card yet? That one usually works for me. Guys seem to get really irritated by celibate women who have brains in their heads. It's an instant buzz kill most of the time. Unless of course they are seminary students. In which case you'll need to tell him you're a feminist. I think most Christian men would rather date satan himself over a feminist. Make sure you tell him you're a really militant feminist. If that doesn't work you'll have to go strong or go home.

You'll have to actually say the words, "Hi, thank you for your interest in me, but I am not interested in you and would like for you to kindly back up offa me." He'll probably call you a bitch and make it like you're crazy, but at least he'll leave you alone.