I love holidays. Getting a day off work is wonderful. I am a big fan of sleeping in and running my own schedule (which typically won’t involve answering a phone or sitting in front of a computer). This most recent holiday, the celebration of our countries birthday, was wonderful. I was lazy all day long, which is just how vacations are supposed to be.

My roommates and I decided to take a walk to Starbucks for a little afternoon treat. On our way back home there was a car with a couple of guys in it stopped at a light watching us as we used the crosswalk. Now, we are three good-looking girls. We were walking, laughing, and having a pretty good time. I think the guys were enjoying watching us….until…

“Damn, why’d you have to do that???” I hear one of them yell out of the car window in a seemingly frustrating tone.

We all ignored him and just kept walking, but I asked my roommates if I had just heard what I thought I had…they concurred. Apparently guys don’t know that girls get wedgies and have to pick them. Sorry to ruin whatever illusion you were enjoying strange man. I should be smoother about picking them on street corners next time.


Dave and Betsy: said...

I took openly picked my wedgie today and someone asked "Are you itching your butt?" Ooopss forgot I was at work talking to an employee...sometimes you just have to do it!

Anonymous said...

he probably wasn't grossed out cuz you disillusioned him... he was probably bummed that you made it so he couldn't stare at the wedge anymore.

~jk (no, seriously.)

Griz said...

hahahaha...why should it bother them, we have to see them grabbing their crotch, like that's attractive! Get real dude!