I don't like myspace. I realize there are issues with facebook, but I really think there are less creeps on facebook then there are on myspace. For example:

Random Message:

Random Friend Request:

Um...no thank you. I don't really think myspace is the best place to hit on someone. And WHAT is a bunsss?


Anonymous said...

You know...oddly enough that I was I left MySpace forever ago. It seems a like creepier. But if I remember correctly, Tom just won't let you go, no matter how hard you try!

Dodi said...

I'm beginning to think there are 2 kinds of girls out there: fly paper and fly repellent.

you, my friend are the paper.
I, however, am repellent.

That stuff never happens to me.
You can't make up these great stories!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

i like myspace.

Anonymous said...

facebook is just myspace with stalkers a little bit more like we like them: smarter.