An Open Letter to Mark Kanemura

My Dearest Mark,

First let me say that you have done a phenomenal job on So You Think You Can Dance. Top 6!! Amazing. [And I think you owe that to me, I vote for you A LOT last week – and I am pretty sure my friends are still mad at me. Will was pretty amazing. I digress.] I have enjoyed watching all [ok, most] of your dances. Each week I scream for joy like Mary as I put you on my hot tamale train [it also help me block out the harsh comments from the judges.] And you make one hot cowboy.

I don’t think all of the criticism that has come upon you has been fair. You have a lot of spirit and character when you dance and I just don’t think America was ready for your pizzazz.
I don’t know if you recognize me from my profile picture but I was actually at the Thursday taping on July 17th. Right there in the second row behind a bunch of 13 year olds. I cheered really loud. I was the girl that yelled “Mark, take off your shirt” at one point. Anyway, I was really sad when you were in the bottom two but REALLY glad when you didn’t get cut. That’s why I voted so hard this last week to keep you out of the bottom two.

So, my point is I don’t know if you like women or not, but if you do, I hope you’ll give us a chance. I think you are amazing. I just think we have a lot in common. You make really good facial expressions…I have a lot of facial expressions. You dance in weird and contorted ways…I can’t dance so that’s kind of how I end up looking. You’ve danced a Mia Michaels routine…I am obsessed with Mia Michaels. In your car you are a professional singer…my Toyota is a pretty big fan of me. It must be real.

So, Myspace me sometime. I know I can’t dance but I still think we could do it up real nice. In the words of Mia Michaels "you're so gorgeous I could stab you."

And let’s talk about the fact that I hate men in V-necks and I still love you, that has to say something…



Olivia McCain said...

i LOVE mia michaels! she's the only girl that can pull of a mullet and still look awesome.

i want mia and i to be friends.

Anonymous said...

There is no way that Mark can deny what is happening and has happened between you two is real. I am sooo happy for the both of you.


Olivia McCain said...

you went to a TAPING!!!

i'm sooo jealous!

john page said...

it must be fate, especially considering the v-neck aversion that you so conveniently are dropping for his sake...surely he can see the sacrifice you are making to make this work!
Although, I kinda feel sorry for Ed Norton, now that you have moved on...or have you? Ed will be crushed.

Eric J said...

Totally voting for Josh, now. :)

Hey do you think the choreography has been a step back this season over last year's? I'm having a hard time naming the "memorable" pieces of this season, whereas last year you could say "vagabonds", "Lion King," "Transformers," "board room", "Mia's dad piece," "hummingbird", "Devil and Angel", etc. and already be thinking of the performance.


Robin said...

Damn you, Mark! I want Will back!