Thanks, Capital One

I would like to thank my credit card for having faith that I can one day find love - and even believeving that I might have it right now. [I would also like to NOT thank them for reminding me that I do not in fact have it and, therefore, have absolutely no need for this letter...which is actually now the fourth copy I have received]

Come back to me in another few years...


Olivia McCain said...

those parents must have started having kids when they were teenagers! don't they look about 40 years old (at the oldest)!? And don't those kids look like they are able to drive a car!?

i actually feel like this letter is promoting under-age sex.

not cool, capital one.

Anonymous said...

At least they got the morning coffee part right. I think he looks in his late 40s...we just age different now. Well, that is my excuse for them anyway. Hope your presentation went well.