Tip #47

If you try going out with a guy a couple times and things don't really work out - don't then move on to dating his roommate and see how things work out there.


dreaming of you

I am having a debate with a few guys in my office today:

I had a strange dream last night. And the main character of the dream was a boy that works in my same building. This boy and I have had a few conversations...not too many...but I know he can joke around and has a decent sense of humor. But really, besides a few hello's and "how about that shredder, pretty nice, eh?" I don't really know him at all and wouldn't be surprised if he forgot my name.

I am quite surprised that my subconscious found him important enough to build a scenario around. Here's what happened:

We were at a school and he really needed to get into a classroom. He was late for class and the professor would lock the door once class began. The only way to get in was if you knew someone with a key. Apparently, I have keys.

He kept calling and calling and calling and calling me - but I never answered my phone so he left a voicemail AND a text after every call (annoying!). Only it wasn't my fault. I was in the middle of my American Idol audition and I was KILLING it. Only it was taking forever because there were 25 judges instead of the normal three - and they were all taking about 10 minutes to give me feedback about my singing. But Ellen was really loving me. She wanted to leave Portia for me even...I was THAT good.

So once I finished my audition (I made it by the way) I tried to find this boy so I could let him into his classroom, but he was playing hide-n-seek in this big auditorium. When I yelled out his name he would not answer because he did not believe that I was trying to help him - he thought I was trying to trick him and make him lose the game by giving away his hiding spot.

And then I woke up.

So the debate: I think the dream was kind of funny. I want to tell him. And all the guys I work with say that's the worst idea ever. Cause apparently that would mean I want to marry him. Cause OBVIOUSLY a girl's subconscious would not think about you if she just wanted to be friends. What do you think?



Do you think it would be rude to ask someone if they snore on a first date? Because I am a really light sleeper and it might be better just to cut my losses up front...


Today I...

Turned the heat on for the first time.

Lit some candles around the house so it smelled all pretty

Baked a coffee cake

Cleaned my coffee maker (using vinegar and everything!)

Wrote some pages of a research paper

Watched “Everest: Beyond the Limit: Season 1”

AND "Paris, Je T'aime"

Went for a run

Practiced my musical instrument

Wore sweat pants

I would say today has been a pretty successful day.


I heart you online

My friend Kristin has made me aware of a dynamic duo that sings delightfully hilarious songs that one can't help but sing along to.

I heart you online is an adorable song that holds a special place in my facebook-addicted heart:

But I also think their song "Love Cake" is one of the cutest things I have ever heard. I very well might try to sing it to a boy and see if I can get him to date me. I mean, logically speaking, what guy would NOT date you if you bake him cake and sing him an adorable song in perfect harmony about it...



My sister hit a deer with her car and then called me because she had no idea what to do

...is it bad that I think that's funny?


Google Voice Fun

I had dinner with some good friends the other night. And it felt a little like we were in junior high playing telephone again because we were all taking turns to call and leave me voicemails.

I just added GOOGLE VOICE to my phone. And it is amazing. Well...for the most part. I have this little defect to my mostly perfect nature which is, I HATE LISTENING TO VOICEMAILS. Seriously, they will sit in my inbox for weeks on end before I get around to listening to them. Now with google voice I get an email in by inbox with a transcript of the voice message that was left for me. AMAZING!

However, this magical device does have its downfall. It does not transcribe singing, it has a real hard time with Australian, Scottish or Texan accents...and, frankly, it just doesn't have a very broad vocabulary.

Here is the translation of a couple messages left for me:
Yeah, Hi Jill, it's Jimmy, Hope you're doing well. I've been thinking a lot about automatically lately and also about scooper naked. Just wanted to talk to you a text.
Pine Knob, it's just me. Man, I'm just thankful can get him your ad.I'm not sure whether it was cutting or not, buddy.
I don't even remember what the original's were...but it was not that.

Go ahead and get yourself google voice...it provides HOURS of entertainment.


My blog, My child

I have a friend who tells me my blog is like entering a relationship with a child. I have baggage [NOT that I am trying to say to any of you with children that they are baggage]. I am carrying something with me that some guy has to decide if he can handle, be committed to, not freak out about...

There have been many male figures interwoven throughout this blog, we don't know who the father is. It has become protective of me...sometimes it doesn't like all these new guys. Multiple men it has to yell “you’re not my father” to.

There are the guys that try to be the father figure - "I can handle the blog” he says. He wants to become a good model for the blog, find himself a regular figure in its life - the blog doesn't scare him away.

And then there are those who run and hide. They aren’t ready for that commitment. Aren’t ready to meet by blog or don’t feel like they have what it takes to date me after hearing about it…

I am really happy when my blog likes a guy...I know this could potentially really be something. I am not just thinking about me anymore...I am concerned about my blog. And frankly, all of you. If I get a boyfriend my blog will not be as good for all of you [not that I’m so good at keeping up at it right now!]. My identity as a writer will be different - I will not be the single girl in LA.

So when is the right time to let a guy know? Hi, I need to let you know I have a two year old...blog. And how will I know he’s the Yeti??


Facebook guidance

So, I have not been particularly annoyed with the little guidance, ploys and hints given to me by facebook recently on the right hand side of my screen...

"write on matt's wall"

"send jennifer a message"

"suggest some friends for harka"


facebook had the audacity to suggest that i POKE a boy i dated for a bit in college. a boy that just got married just a couple months ago no less.

facebook...who do you think you are? i don't really think it is appropriate for me to be POKING "West" especially given the currently circumstances. Please don't place me in awkward situations like that. You bring back all sorts of old memories of when I used to poke him. but the tickle fights are over, that's not my place anymore - some else is poking him now.

you know, i think i liked it better when you didn't try to meddle in my relationships. they're complicated enough as it is.