Google Voice Fun

I had dinner with some good friends the other night. And it felt a little like we were in junior high playing telephone again because we were all taking turns to call and leave me voicemails.

I just added GOOGLE VOICE to my phone. And it is amazing. Well...for the most part. I have this little defect to my mostly perfect nature which is, I HATE LISTENING TO VOICEMAILS. Seriously, they will sit in my inbox for weeks on end before I get around to listening to them. Now with google voice I get an email in by inbox with a transcript of the voice message that was left for me. AMAZING!

However, this magical device does have its downfall. It does not transcribe singing, it has a real hard time with Australian, Scottish or Texan accents...and, frankly, it just doesn't have a very broad vocabulary.

Here is the translation of a couple messages left for me:
Yeah, Hi Jill, it's Jimmy, Hope you're doing well. I've been thinking a lot about automatically lately and also about scooper naked. Just wanted to talk to you a text.
Pine Knob, it's just me. Man, I'm just thankful can get him your ad.I'm not sure whether it was cutting or not, buddy.
I don't even remember what the original's were...but it was not that.

Go ahead and get yourself google voice...it provides HOURS of entertainment.


JD said...

sounds like google voice has the same vocab as my 13 year old cousin's facebook page. Well, not quite:

ya, hi jill, iz jimmy!!!! hope your doin well. been thinkn alot about automatic and scoopr nekkid!!! want 2 talk 2u text!!!

Seriously, have you noticed that all 13 year olds use !!! WAAAY too much?

[F]oxymoron said...

Pine Knob... that's hilarious!!! And if that's some kind of nickname... well, cool.

Eric Jessen said...

yes!!!! I am so happy that you're using Google Voice. I love, love, LOVE google voice. It makes me so happy! It seriously works so well for people (raising my hand) who suck at checking their voicemail...

Griz said...

This is hilarious! Do you have to pay for google voice?

Yeti said...

Griz, it IS free - but right now it is still by "invitation only" - the way gmail was at first. I am sure it will be open to the general public in a matter of months :)