dreaming of you

I am having a debate with a few guys in my office today:

I had a strange dream last night. And the main character of the dream was a boy that works in my same building. This boy and I have had a few conversations...not too many...but I know he can joke around and has a decent sense of humor. But really, besides a few hello's and "how about that shredder, pretty nice, eh?" I don't really know him at all and wouldn't be surprised if he forgot my name.

I am quite surprised that my subconscious found him important enough to build a scenario around. Here's what happened:

We were at a school and he really needed to get into a classroom. He was late for class and the professor would lock the door once class began. The only way to get in was if you knew someone with a key. Apparently, I have keys.

He kept calling and calling and calling and calling me - but I never answered my phone so he left a voicemail AND a text after every call (annoying!). Only it wasn't my fault. I was in the middle of my American Idol audition and I was KILLING it. Only it was taking forever because there were 25 judges instead of the normal three - and they were all taking about 10 minutes to give me feedback about my singing. But Ellen was really loving me. She wanted to leave Portia for me even...I was THAT good.

So once I finished my audition (I made it by the way) I tried to find this boy so I could let him into his classroom, but he was playing hide-n-seek in this big auditorium. When I yelled out his name he would not answer because he did not believe that I was trying to help him - he thought I was trying to trick him and make him lose the game by giving away his hiding spot.

And then I woke up.

So the debate: I think the dream was kind of funny. I want to tell him. And all the guys I work with say that's the worst idea ever. Cause apparently that would mean I want to marry him. Cause OBVIOUSLY a girl's subconscious would not think about you if she just wanted to be friends. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I say tell him and wish that I was in the office when this happened. (BTW...it is probably easy to figure out who this is, which means you know the crazy, whacked out dreams I have on a regular basis that involve all of you.)

revnace said...

I hear wedding bells. Congrats!

You Know Who from the 3rd Floor said...

1. I think I know what this dream means.

2. I want to know who the mystery man is.


3. I think the mystery man is just a stand-in for men in general.

~sarah said...

When I moved out to L.A., my roommate from college put me in touch with one of her best friend's from high school who also lived out here now. We became friends and one day, after mentioning something to my old roommate about this guy, we realized I now knew him better than she did. That kind of weirded her out, worlds colliding and all. She promptly had a dream that he and I got married and didn't tell her. I thought this was quite funny and told him about it. He really didn't seem to want to hang out much after that. And it wasn't even my dream. A THIRD PARTY dream freaked him out... Sometimes guys can be such little girls. : )

Olivia Hein said...

In your dream, Ellen wanted you over Portia?
You can tell him the dream but emphasize that you now understand that this means your gay. :)

lizzo said...

i don't know what you should do, but i do know that that dream is AWESOME.