what to do with all this free time...

So, i just graduated. with two master's degrees. i know, i am super smart, try not to be intimidated. i obviously mean this for people who have never met me, because if you have - well, then you know i pretty much just faked it through most of those degrees :)

anyway, now that i am done i thought to myself "self, you have a lot of free time. you should maybe go one some dates cause you have not done that in a while"

so i decided to give online dating another try.

then i was quickly reminded of why online dating is so weird.

day #4 of online dating and i receive this message:
"Is it really you in the pictures? Or did you just post the pics of a pretty girl in order to attract and kill guys like me? You have to tell me if you're a creepy guy at a computer in someone's basement, ok?"
um....YOU'RE the creepy one. delete. i'll be sure to keep you posted on all upcoming adventures.



i'm not going to lie - i wish i had excuse to go to a justin bieber concert and not look creepy/pathetic. i've had two friends who have gone this summer because they got to take their daughter. what a great excuse! daughter! i don't have a 9 year old. i'd have to follow one around so when people look at me weird like "aren't you too old to be yelling 'I'LL NEVER KISS AND TELL JUSTIN" i could just lead over to some unsuspecting kid and say "i think our seats are this way sweetie" - but then her actual parents might get creeped out.

lucky parents.