what to do with all this free time...

So, i just graduated. with two master's degrees. i know, i am super smart, try not to be intimidated. i obviously mean this for people who have never met me, because if you have - well, then you know i pretty much just faked it through most of those degrees :)

anyway, now that i am done i thought to myself "self, you have a lot of free time. you should maybe go one some dates cause you have not done that in a while"

so i decided to give online dating another try.

then i was quickly reminded of why online dating is so weird.

day #4 of online dating and i receive this message:
"Is it really you in the pictures? Or did you just post the pics of a pretty girl in order to attract and kill guys like me? You have to tell me if you're a creepy guy at a computer in someone's basement, ok?"
um....YOU'RE the creepy one. delete. i'll be sure to keep you posted on all upcoming adventures.


Bridawg said...

Internet dating totally worked for me, but then I'm an unfortunate looking guy so I don't get creepy stalker emails.

NicodemusLegend said...

Your response:

"Oh! You caught me! Yes, I really am a creepy guy looking for people to kill. I obviously need to be less transparent. That said, I expect that you really owe the pretty girl in the pictures (whoever she is) an apology, if her image creates that immediate impression for you."

Blomgrens said...

Oh boy! This will be an adventure, looking forward to it from this end :)