Apparently first date rules are a hot topic on twitter right now. Just so you aren't all out of the loop I've copied a few here for you (in text and pictures)...don't be making the same mistakes these foolish people have!

"Don't chill with me one night and my friend the next...YES!"
"Don't have stanky breath"
"you better bring bacc-up money cuz if you wacc, ah nucca definitely not payin' 4 you"
Wutever you do,don't fart... Save it for the 2nd date. Or at least wen she's not looking."

"dont put on 50 pounds of make up"
please dont bring your homies with you & then ask me do u have any friends like this is Match.com"
please come prepared financially don't come on a date with $5 expecting me 2 pay 4 the tab lol the guys pays 4 the 1st date."
clear your last calls or recent call incase she ask to use your phone"

please don't touch my food... I don't know you well enough."
don't tell me about your family problems "
dnt tryna ask me y I been single so long."
Make Sure u Shower & Shave cuz No Way am I hanging Out w a Hairy ass Musty Man!"


Sweden wants to give you some advice

Sweden knows how to do PSA's. Someone I know found this while looking for something else on YouTube...trust me, a harmless search...nevertheless, a priceless find. And so I pass this little piece of wisdom you should already know on to you.

[Also, warning, not suitable for work...probably...most places a human being would work]


THIS is why i still go to church

compliment/random comment of the day. after the church service sunday the lady behind me taps me on the shoulder and says:

"excuse me, but your hair looks like a pantene pro-v commercial. i mean, it's so shiny. i looked around at other girls in here and none of them look like yours."

i don't even USE pantene pro-v. and i hadn't even washed my hair that day, imagine if i had!! actually, best i hadn't - i would have totally distracted her from the LORD.


your man doesn't smell like THIS guy

how is old spice advertising so ridiculously hilarious. and right. i need a man that doesn't smell like a woman, i think that's been my problem all along...


The case for an older woman

Fascinating article from OK Cupid encouraging men on dating sites to consider going for older women. I mean, I agree...women only get better as we get older. We're like a fine wine. Men on the other hand...I don't know - moldy cheese? I digress.

And while we are on the topic, an 18 or 19 year old shouldn't even be allowed on a dating site...that's just ridiculous. GO TO YOUR PROM!

Nevertheless, read and decide for yourself.

Thanks [F]oxymoron, for pointing this article out.


Beginning to Date

I wish they had showed us THIS video instead of that sex ed stuff when i was in junior high...I am frankly glad I watched it now. I think I'll have some better luck come the next date I go on...I'll also be more aware of his faults when it come to etiquette and be able to kindly point those out [and then email him this video so he can see what I am taking about].

Or go HERE to watch it online (in case my blog cuts half of it off)

Thanks to Bleeker's Portico for passing this along.



PLEASE tell me these pants are coming back in style. I might still have the pretty purple ones I wore in my 2nd grade class photo. I cannot even express to you how much I love it when styles come around that coincide with my comfort. When I can wear something that makes me feel like I am still in my pajamas - that's a style train I'm willing to jump on!

This photo taken by my housemate at a wrap party we went to for a television show he was working on.


apparently i'm a geek

But I am okay with that. A friend passed on to me an article about 10 Ways to a Geeky Girls Heart. Honestly, I always had an inkling that I was geeky, but this really solidified it - although I think they're being a little fast a loose with the word. I think just HUMAN BEINGS like this type of stuff. But I'm no real expert so I won't push the issue. I think what really won me over was the gourmet root beer in #6. Have a read...let me know what you think - are YOU a geek?

1. Plan a board game night. Consider the girl’s interests, and round up a few board games that are compatible. Then let her choose which ones to play. Make sure you find ones that work well with two players.

2. Be able to make situationally appropriate science jokes. It’s always especially fun when you and your girl are the only ones in the room who get the joke.

3. Plan a trip to somewhere new and stimulating. On a small budget, go to a museum or nature preserve. If the budget allows, think bigger or more unusual. Go somewhere that generates discussion (though not argument). You’re creating memories that you’ll always be able to share.

4. Design a treasure hunt. Forget the conventional or impersonal gifts. Designing a treasure hunt for your girl with a special note or gift at the end is one way of showing that you care enough to put in a lot of effort. You can make the hunt short or long, easy or hard. If you have known your geeky girl for long enough, use that history for some clue ideas. If the geeky girl is the type that likes to figure things out, she’ll love this idea.

5. Be able to have interesting conversations on any topic. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert in everything, but be willing to discuss unusual topics. Know nothing about fossils? Be willing to have her teach you what she knows, and ask relevant questions. If you try to learn something new each day, you’ll always have something new to talk about.

6. Learn to cook a variety of dishes. Some people are able to make one dish that is always a hit, but if you’re going to go on more than one date, or have a long term relationship, knowing how to cook a variety of dishes is important, even if your girl likes to cook also. Staples like spaghetti and meatballs or macaroni and cheese are great for later, but at this point, try for something a little more complicated. You get bonus points for pairing the meal with an appropriate wine or other fancy beverage (sparkling apple cider, sparkling white grape juice or gourmet root beer work very well for the non-drinkers).

7. Give unusual flowers. If your geeky girl loves flowers anyway, don’t go for the conventional roses. Choose something unusual or personal. Choose by color, by source or find something related to your history together.

8. Learn about what she enjoys. Consider her interests. You love shoot-em-up video games, she likes puzzle games. Give her games a try some of the time. She’ll give you points for the attempt. This also holds true for movies, books, restaurants and other activities. Chances are that she’ll reciprocate and try out some of your interests. You both may learn to like some new things.

9. Be able to honestly express how you feel. Showing how you feel is very important, but it is equally important to say the words. Geeky girls are often more introspective than average, and can often articulate how they feel or what they want. It is important to be able to reciprocate.

10. Leave a little mystery. While geeky girls love to learn all about your interesting personality, it always helps to leave a little bit of mystery to keep them wanting more. Just make sure it’s not suspicious mystery; that could backfire.


why women withdrawl

I wrote a post a while ago about why men withdraw. [Brilliant, if I do say so myself]. And Gershom's Journal decided to post a little rebuttal himself claiming that men aren't the only culprits of pulling away. Here are some of this thoughts.

Apparently, women would like to know why men withdraw or become distant or whatever. Well … I’m almost certain that it works the other way as well. Whether it’s because of the gradually-diminishing distance between perceived gender roles in Western society, or maybe just because we’re all human beings and we’re sometimes more similar than we think, women withdraw, too.

It’s a reality that can bemuse and bewilder, frustrate and foil. I know because I’ve spoken to friends who’ve had similar experiences to me: one moment, life couldn’t be more perfect and she couldn’t be more interested; the next moment (or the next week), you’re the last person in the world that she wants to see or hear or be around or know.

Maybe she has her own issues to work through. Maybe she likes you, but not quite that much (yet); (and maybe you need to give her time and space to work that out, or maybe you need to just give her time and space … for ever). Maybe she’s just coming out of a relationship and she’s not ready for another one. Maybe she just got really burned and is scared of getting hurt again. Maybe you’re not her type. Maybe she doesn’t know what her type is. Maybe she thinks she knows what her type is, and it isn’t you, but you think her type is really stupid. Maybe she’s just not that into you.

Or, on the flipside, maybe she has a history of doing this kind of thing and you need to steer clear of her. Maybe you’d be better off without someone who withdraws and doesn’t communicate why. Generally speaking, I’d agree that women are better communicators than men. But there are always exceptions. (I tend to meet all the exceptions. Which is awesome.)



sanchez heartbeat

i don't think enough people have been giving credit this THIS superbowl commercial:

it was as if mark was talking right to ME. he really cared about MY heart. i am a girl that loves football so he likes me more than at least several million other girls. and i bet that if he met me in person...he would ACTUALLY say that to me and mean it, not just from inside my TV and because CBS is paying him to.

i have a heartbeat - mark has a heartbeat.
i like football - he plays football.
i watched the superbowl - i saw his face during the superbowl.
my last name starts with an "s" - his last name starts with an "s"
i have brown hair - he has brown hair

i mean, come on people - IT MUST BE REAL...do i need anymore solid evidence?


monday morning wake-up

is it hard for anyone else to wake up on monday mornings? i mean, harder than any other morning?

my alarm goes off and my subconscious says, "yeti, WHY would you get out of this bed made of bacon when you can play spin the bottle with edward norton all day while julia child bakes you cookies filled with $100 bills?"



I'm a little drunk and i need you now

THIS song is why I delete boys numbers from my phone right when things end. I don't want this song to ever be something I can relate to....

You should delete numbers right away too. Don't be making calls you'll regret after that __th shot of whiskey.



i am in the process of growing out my eyebrows. i know, that sounds disgusting, let me explain.

i want a unibrow, like this.

[that is real picture of me, by the way]

okay, KIDDING! [about wanting a unibrow]

for a very long time, since a tragically bad waxing, i have had uneven eyebrows. and there is nothing you can do to fix this problem except go through the painful process of growing them out in a hairy ugly mess or wax them to an unnaturally short stubby length.

and so i suffer. i just wanted someone to feel bad for me. with all the real crap going on in the world, i thought we could all use something trivial to care about for a second...

you're welcome.

and for those of you who know me...don't come look at my face. maybe i should get bangs!