The case for an older woman

Fascinating article from OK Cupid encouraging men on dating sites to consider going for older women. I mean, I agree...women only get better as we get older. We're like a fine wine. Men on the other hand...I don't know - moldy cheese? I digress.

And while we are on the topic, an 18 or 19 year old shouldn't even be allowed on a dating site...that's just ridiculous. GO TO YOUR PROM!

Nevertheless, read and decide for yourself.

Thanks [F]oxymoron, for pointing this article out.

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the girl in asia said...

well... not sure i totally agree... i thought the same the other day... but here in asia 24 is like 19... because i went out with this guy and his mother called three times asking 1. where he was and 2. had he taken his medicine... :S when in asia, stick to guys older than you!!!