the kindle

Katie: "sometimes I wish I had a kindle - cause I brought like 10 books down here with me and they're so bulky to carry!"
Yeti: "you know, I don't like the kindle. I can't read on one of those things. But, I also just LOVE the feel of an actual book in my hands - actually flipping the pages, the thickness, being able to underline things."
Katie: "yeah, I get that."
Specca: "what is a kindle?"
Katie: "you've been living down here in Mexico too long."
Yeti: "seriously! are you KIDDING me? you don't even know what a kindle is?"
Specca: "i am serious - I hear kindle and i think of a fire....kindling."


in style

in style magazine is a joke.

first, i will admit that i hate it when someone tries to tell me how to dress. so i look like a boy sometimes and hate to wear dresses - i don't think i'm the first girl to ever feel this way. maybe the magazine was not such a good choice to pick up in the first place since STYLE is in the title. but ulta gave it to me for free....and i like free things.

BUT. the worst part of the magazine is their cover all about "how to look your best at affordable prices" or some baloney like that.

i don't really think i can remember seeing more than one or two things in that magazine under $100 or $200. WHAT AVERAGE WOMAN DO YOU KNOW FREQUENTLY BUYS T-SHIRTS OVER $100??? and don't even get me started on how much the shoes cost. then again, i get all by shoes second hand or buy them at DSW.

ridiculous. i'm not an episode of sex and the city.

you are of no use to me.

i don't care what the celebrities are wearing unless you can tell me where to find it at goodwill....



i may or may not have just spent the last half hour on the computer stalking a boy i just met. gotta find out if he's psycho [i do realize that by attempting to find out if he's psycho - i am, in fact, proving that i am psycho] it's a lose lose.

UNLESS you believe that stalking is the highest form of flattery, like i do.

and you just remember correctly what he's told you and what you learned from the internet.

which brings us to:

awkward situation #7
taking the time to stalk a boy, and then bringing something up in conversation that he in fact did not tell you about himself but you learned about him on the internet. oops.


World Cup

When people ask me if I am watching the World Cup I think that is a ridiculous question.

1. you have a good excuse to drink at 7 in the morning.

2. cute boys.

do i really need a #3?

...now i just need to decide who to cheer for.


Doesn't matter if you put a ring on it

Hello weird man that's too friendly and can't take social cues.

Insert Yeti at an outdoor BBQ. She is wearing a ring on her left ring finger because she can and she doesn't need to explain it to all of you. Sure, it is an unassuming ring, but it's not hard to see...

Boy walks up to Yeti...

Boy: So, you go to school here?
Yeti: Yeah. I work with the party boy
Boy: Cool. Cool. So, do you live around here?
Yeti: Yeah, I live right by [insert obvious landmark]
Boy: Oh wow, so not too far from me at all. So, are you..........really married?
Yeti: Um....guess not.
Boy: Cool. [said as walking away from me]

A girl can't even get a guy to leave her alone by wearing a ring. Sigh.


Boys will be girls

Thank you to LIZZO for sharing this with me. My friends and I really do act like this - not an exaggeration at all.


bagpipe show

i play bagpipes, you all know this.

there is this little hill that i go up to to practice. it is off a little hiking trail and away from all the people so that
1. i do not bug people (i know it is hard to believe, but not everyone likes the sound of bagpipes)
2. people do not bug me.

this plan was working so well for months and months until just last week.

i was in the middle of my rehersal when this father and son came up the hill....yelling:

father: we're here! we're here! we heard the call and we came to fight!!
yeti: uhh...haah...uhh. what?
father: those are amazing. wow. are you just up here practicing? what's going on? how long have you played? are those yours? what are you playing?
yeti: what?
father: you know, when he was young [points to son] whenever he went down for a nap we used to say "piper down!!" isn't that hilarious?
yeti: what?

i try to just continue playing. hoping that they will move along on their hike. but they did not.
after every song i played they clapped - whether i finished it or not. it was the most awkward thing ever! who claps when someone is just practicing an instrument? and just sits down next to them for a half hour, especially after this little conversation:

father: so, why do you come all the way out here?
yeti: mainly to get away from people
father: ahhh, nice. good idea

and yet...he stays.

i finally give up, pack up the pipes and head on home. they were very disappointed to see me go and clapped me whole walk down the hill. i am really not that good so they must have awful taste in music. i don't mind...it was just awkward.

i told my piping instructor what had happened and he said the key is to just KEEP PLAYING and ever stop - thus never giving them the space to clap or comment. brilliant idea, only...i'm not that good and don't have that kind of lung capacity. so, something to aspire to, i guess.


you called me a what?

i love "the office" i really do, it's hilarious. and pam might even be one of my favorite characters.

but i really hate it when people call me a receptionist.

i know a lot of you don't know me so before i go on with this story, for the record, i am NOT a receptionist. i work in higher education with a doctoral program.

student walks into the office with his wife. he's just graduated so he is really excited wanting to show her the campus and all the people he's interacted with over the last 7 years.

student: hey honey, this is yeti, she's the receptionist. BUT, she still knows everything around here.
wife: well, i'd imagine, any good receptionist would!
yeti: [don't punch them, don't punch them, don't punch them]
wife: say, you should get a picture with yeti! since she's been so good at answering all your questions.

oh joy, just what i want to do. take a picture with some man i barely remember that just insulted me. so, hopefully some of you are friends with him on facebook and can look for that caption "the nice receptionist where i went to school"



just because i graduated doesn't mean you need to ask me what i am going to do with my life...if i knew i'd be doing it. and once i know i'll just start doing it so you don't need to keep asking.
side note: finding a sugar daddy is a lot harder than i thought it was going to be....


Explaining by Absence

So, I have not been here, writing or anything in quite a while.But that is because I had the worst class of my LIFE this last quarter. Seriously, terrible. I think the professor actually hates students, which then makes one wonder why they ever decided to teach them in the first place...and to top that all off he decided to assign us EIGHT (8!!) papers.

But, enough complaining, because the point of all of this is I AM DONE WITH GRADUATE SCHOOL. I turned my last paper in this morning. I get to walk across the big stage where the Dean says my name declaring I AM A MASTER. I'm not a master of anything helpful or anything that will make you money in this world...but a MASTER nonetheless.

What am I going to do with my life? you ask. Not quite sure of that yet. Right now I am going to focus on figuring out what the heck just happened to me these last five years, taking a deep breath and finding my wings again. And then hopefully I'll just move overseas somewhere exotic.

Hopefully I'll even jump on here a bit more often to bring you with me along this journey (even the steps that don't involve ridiculous boys)