Doesn't matter if you put a ring on it

Hello weird man that's too friendly and can't take social cues.

Insert Yeti at an outdoor BBQ. She is wearing a ring on her left ring finger because she can and she doesn't need to explain it to all of you. Sure, it is an unassuming ring, but it's not hard to see...

Boy walks up to Yeti...

Boy: So, you go to school here?
Yeti: Yeah. I work with the party boy
Boy: Cool. Cool. So, do you live around here?
Yeti: Yeah, I live right by [insert obvious landmark]
Boy: Oh wow, so not too far from me at all. So, are you..........really married?
Yeti: Um....guess not.
Boy: Cool. [said as walking away from me]

A girl can't even get a guy to leave her alone by wearing a ring. Sigh.


charissa said...

...you said "insert." hehehehe

John said...

Nice nails, though.
He hits on you, discovers you're Not married, and then walks away?
Yep, that's a winner dude.