you called me a what?

i love "the office" i really do, it's hilarious. and pam might even be one of my favorite characters.

but i really hate it when people call me a receptionist.

i know a lot of you don't know me so before i go on with this story, for the record, i am NOT a receptionist. i work in higher education with a doctoral program.

student walks into the office with his wife. he's just graduated so he is really excited wanting to show her the campus and all the people he's interacted with over the last 7 years.

student: hey honey, this is yeti, she's the receptionist. BUT, she still knows everything around here.
wife: well, i'd imagine, any good receptionist would!
yeti: [don't punch them, don't punch them, don't punch them]
wife: say, you should get a picture with yeti! since she's been so good at answering all your questions.

oh joy, just what i want to do. take a picture with some man i barely remember that just insulted me. so, hopefully some of you are friends with him on facebook and can look for that caption "the nice receptionist where i went to school"


Fashion Du Jour said...

HU-LARIOUS! Some people are so cluless!


NicodemusLegend said...

So, does "receptionist" rank higher or lower on the insult-scale than "secretary"?

(FYI, for whatever reason, I've never been called "receptionist," but I have been called "secretary," and in fact my office door still calls me that, despite the title having changed since before I took the job nearly a decade ago....)