the kindle

Katie: "sometimes I wish I had a kindle - cause I brought like 10 books down here with me and they're so bulky to carry!"
Yeti: "you know, I don't like the kindle. I can't read on one of those things. But, I also just LOVE the feel of an actual book in my hands - actually flipping the pages, the thickness, being able to underline things."
Katie: "yeah, I get that."
Specca: "what is a kindle?"
Katie: "you've been living down here in Mexico too long."
Yeti: "seriously! are you KIDDING me? you don't even know what a kindle is?"
Specca: "i am serious - I hear kindle and i think of a fire....kindling."


NicodemusLegend said...

Which goes to prove why you should be talking about the Sony Reader instead.

John said...

Of all people, I would think you'd be jonesing for an iPad. Kindles, Nooks, and yes, even the Sony Reader are ugly and boring in comparison to an iPad.
And anything Apples sells is just automatically more cool.

Yeti said...

john...i agree for the most part, but really - at this point the iPad seems pretty pointless to me. and the kindle can hold WAY more books.
really - i don't want either - i just like real books :)