Explaining by Absence

So, I have not been here, writing or anything in quite a while.But that is because I had the worst class of my LIFE this last quarter. Seriously, terrible. I think the professor actually hates students, which then makes one wonder why they ever decided to teach them in the first place...and to top that all off he decided to assign us EIGHT (8!!) papers.

But, enough complaining, because the point of all of this is I AM DONE WITH GRADUATE SCHOOL. I turned my last paper in this morning. I get to walk across the big stage where the Dean says my name declaring I AM A MASTER. I'm not a master of anything helpful or anything that will make you money in this world...but a MASTER nonetheless.

What am I going to do with my life? you ask. Not quite sure of that yet. Right now I am going to focus on figuring out what the heck just happened to me these last five years, taking a deep breath and finding my wings again. And then hopefully I'll just move overseas somewhere exotic.

Hopefully I'll even jump on here a bit more often to bring you with me along this journey (even the steps that don't involve ridiculous boys)


lizzo said...

congratulations, domestic partner!! you're AMAZING! a double-master, no less ;)

JR Rozko said...

Nice, congratulations! All down hill from here - until you want to go back uphill again that is. Won't be long.

Come... said...

Congrats Jules!!! Don't worry - it will all make sense one day.

[F]oxymoron said...


Look forward to reading about your adventures traveling around the world and your stories of seduction and intrigue. :)