i may or may not have just spent the last half hour on the computer stalking a boy i just met. gotta find out if he's psycho [i do realize that by attempting to find out if he's psycho - i am, in fact, proving that i am psycho] it's a lose lose.

UNLESS you believe that stalking is the highest form of flattery, like i do.

and you just remember correctly what he's told you and what you learned from the internet.

which brings us to:

awkward situation #7
taking the time to stalk a boy, and then bringing something up in conversation that he in fact did not tell you about himself but you learned about him on the internet. oops.


[F]oxymoron said...

You crack me up!

I hope you give him all the necessary tools to properly stalk you... it'd only be fair.

John said...

Yeah, but did he catch it?