"Still, despite all this, traveling is the great true love of my life. I have always felt, ever since I was sixteen years old and first went to Russia with my saved-up babysitting money, that to travel is worth any cost or sacrifice. I am loyal and constant in my love for travel, as I have not always been loyal and constant in my other loves. I feel about travel the way a happy new mother feels about her impossible, colicky, restless newborn baby - I just don't care what it puts me through. because I adore it. Because it's mind. Because it looks exactly like me. It can barf all over me if it wants to - I just don't care."
- Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray Love.


Experiencing Culture

as i have said before, I am in Mexico right now. i thought i would share what i did today.

for lunch i ate at mcdonalds.

i got a cinnabon as a snack to enjoy at home while watching episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

after dinner we are going to watch "killers" at the theater in the mall.

it is just SO great to be able to experience such authentic mexican culture....



i just saw a commercial that made me want to try a perm again.

what decade am i living in??

also, i am pretty sure all i need to do is look at those photos from when i was 9 to remember what a bad idea that was the first go around.


birth control

i am currently residing in an orphanage in mexico. with 35 precious perfectly behaved children.

THIS is what a call birth control people.

you thinking about babies? unprotected sex? come spend some time here...


found him!

i may have just fallen in love with the accordion play in a mariachi band.



"i could never marry tom cruise, cause i really like taking medication"



I've never understood the concept of making "kissing" noises when pulling up next to a car of attractive ladies.

Mi amiga Katie and I were driving back from escuela for siesta today. We had our windows down as we pulled up to a stop light. the men in the truck next to us all started leaning out the window and making kissing noises. we were able to avoid eye contact with them but their incessant noises were totally distracting to the conversation we were having.

i'm just curious if this method of picking up ladies has ever worked before. do ladies ever look out their window and say "wow, thanks, wanna grab a drink?"


resorting to facebook

As I recounted in my last post, I went out salsa dancing here in Mexico. It was quite different than the salsa scene in LA, that's for sure.

After dancing a few songs I came back to my table to find a strange man I did not know sitting in the chair next to mine. He started chatting with me - what a nice boy.

This was toward the end of our conversation:

Stranger: So, do you have an email address or facebook that I could write you at?
Yeti: Um....ah...I....uh....I have a facebook.
Stranger: Oh, that's good. I have one of those and I could look you up on there.
Yeti: Okay, that'll work.
Stranger: What is your name?
Yeti: [gives stranger my name....not excited about it, but I guess my email has my name too]
Stranger: Okay, I will go home tonight and find you and give you a friend request. My name is Alejandro [add 4 more names] so look for me.
Yeti: oooooooookay, will do. um....okay....bye?

I guess we owe it to facebook for giving us a way out of giving a guy our phone number or email address. Sure....he knows our last name, but at least he doesn't have immediate access to us.


mean face

I have, for a long time now, been in a debate with myself about whether I have a nice face or not. I don't mean good-looking - that's OBVIOUS - I just mean whether I look like a friendly and inviting person or not.

I am under the assumption that I am not. I have evidence to both back this up and disprove it.

Back it up: Salsa Dancing.
Every time I go out salsa dancing (for example, last night in Mexico) I rarely get asked to dance unless I know other people that are there. I think the guys look at me and think I look intimidating and mean (although, it also could have to do with the fact that I hate to wear make-up and dresses......) At any rate, the fact that I have a mean face makes it so I don't get asked to dance,

Disproof: Anytime I walk down a sidewalk
I generally don't mind looking like a mean person because it gets random strangers to leave me alone - especially of the male persuasion. However, I swear that more often than not I get stopped on the street when I am simply minding my own business to either be asked a question or get hit on. This I do not understand. I am trying to look mean and yet these men still talk to me?

Anyway, the verdict is still out.


the case for a husband

Yeti: "you girls have to help me keep coming up with my case for a husband posts. i came up with like two and then they sort of fell through. i am having a hard time coming up with any more"

Specca: "yeah, that's probably because guys are stupid and they don't call us back."