mean face

I have, for a long time now, been in a debate with myself about whether I have a nice face or not. I don't mean good-looking - that's OBVIOUS - I just mean whether I look like a friendly and inviting person or not.

I am under the assumption that I am not. I have evidence to both back this up and disprove it.

Back it up: Salsa Dancing.
Every time I go out salsa dancing (for example, last night in Mexico) I rarely get asked to dance unless I know other people that are there. I think the guys look at me and think I look intimidating and mean (although, it also could have to do with the fact that I hate to wear make-up and dresses......) At any rate, the fact that I have a mean face makes it so I don't get asked to dance,

Disproof: Anytime I walk down a sidewalk
I generally don't mind looking like a mean person because it gets random strangers to leave me alone - especially of the male persuasion. However, I swear that more often than not I get stopped on the street when I am simply minding my own business to either be asked a question or get hit on. This I do not understand. I am trying to look mean and yet these men still talk to me?

Anyway, the verdict is still out.


kiki sonik said...

Heeey I asked you out to dance!

Yeti said...

haah! doesn't count kiki - you know me :)

John said...

You have a nice face b/c you are a nice person.
Perhaps people are interpreting "mean" face as agressive and they falsely rise to the challenge?
Or not.