resorting to facebook

As I recounted in my last post, I went out salsa dancing here in Mexico. It was quite different than the salsa scene in LA, that's for sure.

After dancing a few songs I came back to my table to find a strange man I did not know sitting in the chair next to mine. He started chatting with me - what a nice boy.

This was toward the end of our conversation:

Stranger: So, do you have an email address or facebook that I could write you at?
Yeti: Um....ah...I....uh....I have a facebook.
Stranger: Oh, that's good. I have one of those and I could look you up on there.
Yeti: Okay, that'll work.
Stranger: What is your name?
Yeti: [gives stranger my name....not excited about it, but I guess my email has my name too]
Stranger: Okay, I will go home tonight and find you and give you a friend request. My name is Alejandro [add 4 more names] so look for me.
Yeti: oooooooookay, will do. um....okay....bye?

I guess we owe it to facebook for giving us a way out of giving a guy our phone number or email address. Sure....he knows our last name, but at least he doesn't have immediate access to us.

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