I've never understood the concept of making "kissing" noises when pulling up next to a car of attractive ladies.

Mi amiga Katie and I were driving back from escuela for siesta today. We had our windows down as we pulled up to a stop light. the men in the truck next to us all started leaning out the window and making kissing noises. we were able to avoid eye contact with them but their incessant noises were totally distracting to the conversation we were having.

i'm just curious if this method of picking up ladies has ever worked before. do ladies ever look out their window and say "wow, thanks, wanna grab a drink?"


DP said...


I wrote about this same thing a couple years ago! It's crazy!!!

Eric Jessen said...

Are you serious? Totally legitimate move. It's how I first asked Christy to go out with me. :)

Rebecca said...

totally...I mean, I'm much more partial to hissing. makes me kinda weak in the knees