sanchez heartbeat

i don't think enough people have been giving credit this THIS superbowl commercial:

it was as if mark was talking right to ME. he really cared about MY heart. i am a girl that loves football so he likes me more than at least several million other girls. and i bet that if he met me in person...he would ACTUALLY say that to me and mean it, not just from inside my TV and because CBS is paying him to.

i have a heartbeat - mark has a heartbeat.
i like football - he plays football.
i watched the superbowl - i saw his face during the superbowl.
my last name starts with an "s" - his last name starts with an "s"
i have brown hair - he has brown hair

i mean, come on people - IT MUST BE REAL...do i need anymore solid evidence?

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blackfoot said...

you can't deny fate.