i'm not going to lie - i wish i had excuse to go to a justin bieber concert and not look creepy/pathetic. i've had two friends who have gone this summer because they got to take their daughter. what a great excuse! daughter! i don't have a 9 year old. i'd have to follow one around so when people look at me weird like "aren't you too old to be yelling 'I'LL NEVER KISS AND TELL JUSTIN" i could just lead over to some unsuspecting kid and say "i think our seats are this way sweetie" - but then her actual parents might get creeped out.

lucky parents.


blackfoot said...

my friends and i were recently at a grocery store when a misplaced justin bieber book caught our collective eye.

we flipped through a couple pages before realizing what we must look like to passersby...

ps why can't i ever get the word verification right the first time?!?

Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

A friend's daughter could work.


Yeti said...

yeah, except, i have this theory that these parents actually WANT to go. they moan and complain about how self-sacrificial they are for taking their sweet daughter to Bieber....but I don't think they would have let me take their place. they wanted to experience the phenomenon....and the hair.

Yeti said...

PS...can I take JJ, I think he's old enough. and I bet he'd LOVE it!