hey dude

This guy I have been interested in and chatting with for a bit finally asked me out. I was beginning to suspect that all he ever wanted to do was send messages and chat online and it was getting a little daunting…I knew all it would take is ignoring him for a couple of days.

We really like him, on paper

Just one thing though, not sure what to think about the fact that he makes the subject of every message he sends me "hey dude". That’s weird, right?

I can't tell if he wants to be my friend or date me.

Or if he just forgets my name

Or if he is just a victim of the Joshua Harris/John Eldredge era and doesn't know how to talk to a girl he wants to ask out.


Rebecca said...

Maybe he figures you kissed dating goodbye and this is his way of psyching you out so you'll say yes

Justin said...

Is the "we" your date filtering committee?

[F]oxymoron said...

As long as he doesn't look deeply into your eyes and, before kissing you, say "Hey Dude," I think there's hope!

Yeti said...

@Justin - Haah! Yes, and you know exactly who that committee is :)

@Rebecca - very valid point! Stupid Joshua Harris!!