i hate muscles

Girls do the funniest things.

For example, SOME girl I know, likes this new boy. So what does she do? Starts exercising again. You know, so she can be in good shape for all these hikes he talks about wanting to go on.
One problem, this plan has sort of backfired. You see, I (I mean, SHE) can't walk - and my arms don't work anymore. So, not only am I probably not anymore physically fit than I was one week ago, I now look like a grandma when I walk, I can't lift anything heavier than a sheet of paper and when he asks me why I am limping I'm going to have to come up with some excuse like--cold weather makes my hip hurt! Guys like girls that age prematurely, right?? You know, the ones that grunt with excruciating effort when they try to lift their arms to greet them with a hug?

He's one lucky guy....

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Blomgrens said...

Haha! That's hilarious.