sometimes i think my gchat conversations could change the world

3:10 PM J: is today a holiday? where's the maillady?
3:11 PM the femail lady
3:12 PM me: no idea.
we got mail here
it is def. not a holiday

17 minutes
3:30 PM J: weirrrrd
3:31 PM me: i can't WAIT for lunch on thursday!!
J: i know! finally. . . it's been so long
me: truth!
did you go to yoga today?
3:32 PM J: nope im going in an hour. . . i didnt sleep till 5 am last night so i couldnt wake up for that
3:33 PM me: whoa!!
that's late
i went to bed at 9!
J: nice
i tried going at 11
did you get all caught up
me: on sleep? no, probably never. i could sleep for the rest of my life and love it
3:34 PM also, i could marry the sun.
J: sex would hurt though
me: probably even hugging
J: probably even coming within millions of miles of each other


[F]oxymoron said...

Ha... clever!

Yeti said...

@[F]oxy! I've missed you! :)