dating so far

So....update. you meet some unique personalities online.

I don't want to sound like I'm going overboard here, but I may have had four dates with four different guys this week... [side note: i am a bit overwhelmed]

Date #1: super interesting guy. works in the film industry. we went to a local pub and ended up chatting for about 4 hours. he made me laugh and the only thing that gave me pause was the fact that he admitted owning more props then he could fit in his garage [including, and i quote, "two chainsaws, one clean one and one with fake blood!"]. hmmmm.... at the end of the date he said "well, that was fun. i'm going to be really busy for the next week or two but it'd be fun to go out again" noooooot really expecting to hear from him again.

Date #2: cutest date ever. he called me up on saturday afternoon and asked me if i wanted to go to the dog park to play with him and his pup. he came to pick me up with starbucks in hand (for someone with an addiction this is heavenly). we went to the dog park and played around with his puppy for about an hour: throwing the frisbee, running around, chatting and laughing. Afterward we went to lunch at this fantastic rib place where he ordered this huge entree plate for us to share and then let me take home the left overs because he remembered I lived with boys. so not only do i love him, my roommates do as well. He has already called again for a second date :)

Date #3: well, it had to go wrong somewhere. imagine one of the most awkward loud talkers you've ever met in a really quiet hipster coffee shop. that was this man. he was afraid of silence. and he kept making statements like "i hate sports, but i love theater!"

Date #4: worst of all. he is a lawyer and has an inability to stop asking awkward and incriminating questions. he kept asking me how many other dates i had been on and how many more i had lined up....and then claimed it was just because he wanted to know when i would be free again in the future. he asked if i had ever dated an asian before. he told me i looked way better than my photos. he tried out a couple of pick-up lines on me. he remembered EVERYTHING about my profile and was offended that i didn't remember everything about his. throughout the evening he asked me out for the future several times: want to go rock climbing sometime? we should go skiing in big bear. have you been to the irving spectrum, we should go. you would love the americana we'll go to that soon. so what are we going to do for our next date? next time we go out i'll bring you pho, i make it the best.....AGH!!! i started running out of excuses and i'm a pretty good actress. perhaps my favorite part was when he asked me what talents i had, so i shared....then he said "yeah, i don't have any talents...but i do write poetry sometimes. like...what's your last name? i'll find something that rhymes with that and write you a poem real fast."

It has been interesting to say he least. But two good dates out of four is not bad - and one that could actually be promising is miraculous!

by the way...if any of you want to be hooked up with a lawyer i've got a number i could give you.


Bernadette J. said...

you know you're destined for a man with a dog. ;)

John said...

sounds like #2 is a winner...any way you can find out if he owns any v-necks? Not something you want to be surprised by.

Got you Starbucks right off...nice touch...and if he got it extra hot, then, Yeti, you gotta go for this guy...and he has a dog! first impressions count for a lot.