Facebook guidance

So, I have not been particularly annoyed with the little guidance, ploys and hints given to me by facebook recently on the right hand side of my screen...

"write on matt's wall"

"send jennifer a message"

"suggest some friends for harka"


facebook had the audacity to suggest that i POKE a boy i dated for a bit in college. a boy that just got married just a couple months ago no less.

facebook...who do you think you are? i don't really think it is appropriate for me to be POKING "West" especially given the currently circumstances. Please don't place me in awkward situations like that. You bring back all sorts of old memories of when I used to poke him. but the tickle fights are over, that's not my place anymore - some else is poking him now.

you know, i think i liked it better when you didn't try to meddle in my relationships. they're complicated enough as it is.


B-W said...

Think of Facebook as that little devil that sits on your shoulder (a la old cartoons).

Then ignore it.

Or don't, if you think that's more fun! ;)

blackfoot said...

Its true! don't tell me my business facebook!

Dave and Betsy: said...

Preach it sista.

Dave and Betsy: said...

BTW...you've been poked.

James said...

I may REALLY love this post.