Sometimes it is OK to not say anything

I realize when we are in a relationship we like to show how committed we are. We like to prove to the person that no matter what, despite what imperfections there may be about you (or you THINK there may be about you) I choose you. But sometimes it is OK not to get too specific about that. Here are a few examples from girlfriends of mine:

“I like you for your imperfections.”
“Like what?” [you are in trouble when she asks this question…then again you never should have said she had imperfections you were aware of]
“Like your fuzzy face”

“I like that one little yellow front tooth you have”

“I like how your upper lip sweats” [she didn’t even KNOW that it did that until those “sweet” boyfriend of hers so lovingly pointed it out]

"I like when your mouth gets all sort of deformed to the left side when you try to talk about serious things."

"I like those two crater scares on your forehead."

It’s like Rachel says in FRIENDS…how would you feel if all the worst things you ever thought about yourself you just found out the one person you trusted more then anyone else in the world was thinking those same things? We don’t really need to hear you acknowledge our fuzzy face, yellow teeth and sweaty lips…

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Robin said...

Amen! When Ben and I were dating, he commented on how much he loved my "pear shape." Yeah. That was awesome.