You won’t ever be lonely

Here’s another pick-up line for you. It’s been a while. This one is really pretty bad.

I went salsa dancing the other night [are you picking up that these guys are real winners?] I danced with this one not-awful-looking-but-really-short man about three times [His friend was suuuuuuuuuper gorgeous]. Later in the evening, after he had had a couple of drinks I am quite confident, he came up to ask me if I would be coming back to Vive next weekend.

Lonely: So, you’re going to come next week, right?
Yeti I am not sure.
Lonely: Why are you not sure? You have to come!
Yeti Well, my friend Erika is going to be out of town and I usually like to come with someone so we’ll see if I can find another friend to go with me. I don’t want to come alone
Lonely then slips his arm around Yeti's waist in an I’m-a-really-creepy-guy sort of way
Lonely: You might come alone but you won’t BE alone [wink]

Wow…if that doesn’t make me show up next week I don’t know what will.


Olivia McCain said...

i hate it when a guy touches my waist, if i haven't given him permission to.

it's so invasive, i feel.

Anonymous said...


charissa said...

but if he was cute....

the kicker is... said...

ewwww. totally uncalled for and gross. ick.