Two of my favorites

...and the darker?


Olivia McCain said...

i like my men like i like my coffee: dark and bitter.

haha :)

actually, it's more like light and sweet.

Anonymous said...

i'd pick godiva over a man any day.

well, today at least.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

haha the funny thing about anonymous is anyone can claim it. or two people can be anon but you think it's the same person because they assume the same anonymity. tricky.

Eric said...

Just like coffee and chocolate, you should also demand that your men are fair trade.

Olivia McCain said...

like how chocolate labels tell you the percentage of cacao in them (so you can determine the level of bitterness), men should have a label that says the percentage of creepy they have in them.

and probably, women could have a label that tells the level of craziness they have. just to be fair for the guys, you know.