Would you dance with me…forever

Two girls are out for a night on the town.
The activity of choice? Salsa.
Destination? The Granada.

Girls enter club and maneuver their way to the other side of the dance floor. Squints immediately spots the girls and makes his way over to their standing area. The girls dance several dances with strange older men when Squints finally gets up the nerve to ask one of them to dance.

The following conversation takes place while dancing:
Squints: So, are you here alone tonight?
Friend: No, I’m here with my friend Yeti. [she later realizes he was probably referring to a date/boy/fiancée/husband type of alone…nevertheless, we move on]
Squints: Are you single?
Friend: Yes, but…er…um…[I am working on teaching her how to lie better in these situations – although her extreme discomfort should have been a real clue to him]
Squints: What do you think the chances are of a guy like me hooking up with a girl like you?
Friend: Um….that’s a really hard question. Uh….er….

The two continue dancing as my friend fumbles over her words a bit and contemplates how to best handle the awkwardness that are these questions. Squints spins her around and then into himself.

Squints: You know, you can dance closer to me.
Friend: Uh….er…I’ve only had one dance class.

After this rather awkward dance our poor Squints tries to dance with her several more times. She eventually has to tell him she needs to sit out a few dances and rest in order to get rid of him. Gotta give it to him for putting it out there and going for what he wants. Bold Moves!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Purely amazing. So, was squints too bold?

Anonymous said...

Squints might have been too bold. What does a girl say to a question like that? She doesn't know what kind of a guy he is. All she can really say is, "well you seem like you are the kind of guy that is okay at salsa dancing." If that's all she is looking for than she can boldly say yes! Maybe it isn't that he was to bold, but that he needs to come up with some new lines.

charissa said...

ahahahahahahah anonymous.