Now here is an interesting commercial, have you seen it yet? My friend Olivia pointed it out to me. I actually hate car commercials - I think they are a waste of air time on the airwaves, but this one is kind of funny.

It is for the new Toyota Sienna 2008. The woman says "say it again" and the man whispers "five-star safety rating" and the women lets out a little moan like she's having an orgasm. I read somewhere it is supposed to be a little play on the Calvin Kline Obsession commercials.

Now, I've never been turned on by a car, let alone a mini-van, but maybe that's just cause I've never tried the Toyota Sienna...

I could not download the actual video so I have to send you to an exterior link: you can watch it here. Or by clicking on the picture


Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahahahaha that is ridiCULOUS!!!!!!! i have nothing really to say other than, oh my gosh. ridiculous.


the kicker is... said...

good lord, i hated this commercial from the first time I saw it. I agree with your 0-sessment :)