Two months pregnant and didn’t even know it

I got this new salsa shirt that I think is hot [am I allowed to say that about myself?]. The thing with salsa is…it doesn’t matter how good of a dancer you are, if you wear a boob shirt guys will ask you to dance like crazy. This shirt isn’t necessarily a boob shirt, but at least it is not a turtleneck.

As my roommate and I were walking through Old Town to Vive there were two men on the side of the street that asked us for money to get on a bus to Santa Monica. I can’t remember why, to see their girlfriends or something? Anyway, we told them we did not have any, sorry, and proceeded to wait for the crosswalk to change so we could cross the street.

Man #1: Are you pregnant?
Yeti: Excuse me?
Man #2: Dude, you ain’t supposed to ask that.
Man #2 But look at her, I think she’s pregnant. You are, ain’t you?
Yeti: [doesn’t really say anything, just fumbles with her words…uhh….um….]
Erika: Yes, she is two months.
Yeti sends Erika a look of shock and confusion
Man #1: See, I told ya. Well congratulations!
Yeti: Thank you?

The crosswalk changes so we can walk across the street. As we walk Erika turns to me and says, “I just figured they wouldn’t hit on or mess with a pregnant woman so it was the best way to get them to leave us alone.”

Ah well, taking one for the team I suppose. And I still haven’t decided if I am going to wear that shirt again…


Saturday Morning Mystic said...

Wow! Really?

john page said...

Must be some kind of shirt to get that kind of reaction! Erika is one smart cookie!

Robin said...

Well....when a lady is with child, other...um....assets...get...um... accentuated, as well.

Douglas said...

i'm dying. this one killed me.