No pressure

No pressure...


Olivia McCain said...

same reason why his face is in braille.

Searching for the Yeti said...

haah!! :)

john said...

What would you think if your guy had smooth legs?

Of course, the ad presupposes that the women reading it want their boyfriend to be touching their legs.

Anonymous said...

of course i want my man touching my legs, i just don't want to feel like i have to live up to certain expectations to get that man in the first place. or that there are things about me that could disqualify my chance at having an intimate relationship. that's the part that's bull-crap.

i mean, i would much more quickly respond to someone who is concerned about my health than my body's capacity to earn itself a sex life. it's good to be in shape because it's nice to live a healthy life. they're asking the wrong question. and they're giving the wrong answer.

the wrong question: how do i get a man to touch my legs?
the wrong answer: use a cream that should tighten up my skin.

the right question: how can i be healthy?
the right answer: exercise and don't eat hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup.

and if, by asking the right question and answering it with the right question, my legs get smoother, then hot damn!

end rant.

Anonymous said...

that was not all in response to john's comment, just sparked there. sorry john!


Olivia McCain said...

i have never once had a guy comment on my legs not being shaved. i really don't think guys give a crap. if they're getting a piece of a$$ they'll take it happily, with leg stubble and all.

honestly, i think this is one of those ads that pits men against women, in an unfair way. if i were a guy, i would say "dude, i'm not that much of a jerk."

Searching for the Yeti said...

this isn't so much about legs being shaved as it is about cellulite - it is about tightening up the skin...shaving is a whole other issue :) i think you make good points jennifer - thanks for sharing them.
and we have been around too long to think that a cream can actually take care of anything.
it is all about false expectations.

Michi said...

Ha! Yeah, who actually believes that a cream can get rid of your cellulite? Not to burst any bubbles, but even rigorous exercise sometimes doesn't do the trick. It's all about genes.

john said...

No offense taken...liked your comments.

Seems their ad was wasted as most the people who commented here believed it to be about removing hair, not getting rid of cellulite. Thus, their ad agency messed up...wasted money!

Remind me not to be the only guy commenting on such things....wink!

CLJ said...

In the words of R. Kelly, "I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind." Which may or may not apply here.

Kelsy said...

I just got turned on to your blog by Ryan Bell. I couldn't help sharing something about this subject:

I had a boyfriend in college who was pretty obnoxious about the state of my legs. But, wanting to appease, I tried shaving everyday (something I never, ever do). Yet, the smoothness of my legs rarely lived up to his expectations. After we broke up, I told my girlfriends that the next guy I dated, nay, married, had to be OK with my harry legs. In fact, he had to like the harry/fuzzy feeling as much as I do.

Happy to say, I found such a man :)

Searching for the Yeti said...

kelsy, glad to have you reading! any friend of ryan's is a friend of mine :)
it is good to hear men like that are out there (other than you, john, of course!) this ad, is, quite frankly ridiculous. i just feel bad for the standards it tries to place on women - and the men that look at these ads and believe that women should HAVE to live up to these standards.