I had a friend once tell me to never stop singing because you never know when you’re going to run into a guy that just melts when a girl can sing. “For some guys that’s it – the stuff” he tells me.
The other day I was just singing my little heart out in my car as I waited for my friend outside her apartment complex. A guy walked by, stopped and watched me for a few seconds, nodded his head and gave me the “yeah, girl.” Then he did the smile wink and went about his way.
Hmm, maybe that friend’s advice was not so bad.
...And I think it works the other way around too.


Olivia McCain said...

Seriously, you have more guys flirt/hit on you than anyone else I've ever met!

What were you singing?

Anonymous said...

Do you think it even works if you're always singing mama mia songs?


john said...

I agree with Olivia, you are quite the flirt magnet.

jen a. said...

so I love to sing my little heart out--especially when I'm in my car. this came to a mortifying end the other day when I got a message from a friend who informed me that I had just left a three minute message of me singing to the radio, talking to myself and humming contentedly. yes, it was true, somehow my phone had called him and recorded me in my own little singin-in-the-car world. I don't think my friend was swooning :(

Dave and Betsy: said...

Hold up...this has to depend on the voice and whether the person is tone-deaf, don't you think??? Take you for example...you have a beautiful voice so when you sing it reflects your beauty! :)