My Facebook Status

There is something interesting about what happens when you update a facebook status. I can say something like "Yeti is salsa dancing” and no one says anything, but when just a couple weeks ago I came out with "Yeti is having a hard time believing in love” everyone felt like they needed to chime in.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I hate it when people put their ish up on facebook. The whole world does not need to hear the crap going on in your life in a status update – but this was different [trust me]. I can, however, understand how people so easily misinterpreted what I was saying.

Here are a couple responses I got:
“Hang in there sweetie”
“You also, huh?”
“You must believe in love!”
“I’m with you on that one”
“Hang in there.”
“Woah, that is an intense status message. Not sure what’s going on but I sure hope things are ok!”
“He’s out there somewhere, just be patient.”
“Be patient – all in good time. When it’s right, it’s right.”
“Although being patient stinks…it really is worth waiting for the guy that will make the whole wait worth it.”
“Hard time believing in it? Well...it sounds like at least you know it exists!! When in doubt...I always just say ‘God, you're runnin the show, not me.’ You know whatever he has going on for you- is for a reason!!”
“Love exists because GOD IS LOVE!”

I also got several private messages encouraging me.

Let me be honest, my discouragement was not about me “oh poor me, I’m single,” it was more about the way I ache with those around me. I have lots of friends that are struggling right now: being cheated on, feeling trapped, walked out on by a spouse, dishonesty, etc.

It is just difficult for me to believe in love when more and more everyday I think what my parents have is one in a trillion.

BUT mainly the point of this is be careful when choosing a facebook status message…cause people will just start assuming things and then advising you accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Facebook + Me = Bad Choices.

Not that your status update even holds a candle, but yeah! Congrats to your parents btw, that is pretty cool. I like your hair cut by the way. It makes you look like a superhero!

B-W said...

I haven't yet been "bitten" by a poorly chosen Facebook status message, but I've definitely had to think carefully about exactly how I've worded a few that I HAVE posted....

Leann said...

Leann is having a hard time believing in jazzercise.

Let's see how people respond to that massive burden!

Anonymous said...

yeah but are you healed from your affliction yet? you know- your lack of faith in love, and therefore in God? really THAT's the point of this blog posting.